Security is our top priority


Advanced App Security

E-money License (in progress)

As a licensed financial institution, we are bound to comply with regulatory requirements that aim to protect our customers:
  • customer fund safeguarding, high compliance standards, and regular audits to maintain high safety standards.

Safe Segregated Account (in progress)

Your funds are kept secure in a Safe Segregated Account (SSA) as mandated by the European Union E-Money Directive.
  • This means that your money is safeguarded and custodised by a reputable bank in the EU, independently of our financial operations.

Instant card

Misplace your card temporarily or spot a transaction you are unsure about? Look at your card instantly using the Mobile app to disable both the chip and NFC. Unlocking it is just as simple.

push notifications

Get full visibility on your incoming and outgoing transactions through instant alerts. Missed off on something ? Act on it immediately with instant card management.

customer support

Get connected to us instantly during live chat hours or submit a ticket.

BitX App Advanced Security

Protect your funds using multiple security options and key encryption

2-factor authentication

In line with industry best practices, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is enforced for all BitX customers to keep their accounts secure.

Auto security updates

Over the air updates happen automatically when you open the Mobile app, so that you are always on the latest and most secure version of the app

Facial recognition & biometrics

An additional feature to secure logins, facial recognition and fingerprint unlock are available on supported mobile devices, with PIN unlock as an alternative.

Personal data protection

All personal data is encrypted and stored securely. We will never sell your personal information.