The seamless card experience

Easy Crypto payment

Change crypto to fiat and pay at any shop, hotels, and restaurant instantly with your mobile app or BitX debit card. 

Spend crypto instantly

Freedom to spend bitcoin, ether, XRP and token with the tap of a card 

No Manual Conversion

Automated and instant crypto to cash conversion when you pay 

Use anywhere in the world

Accepted at any merchant in over 200 countries 

Withdraw cash at ATMs

Withdraw local currency from any supported ATM internationally 

Detailed transaction tracking

Track BitX debit card purchases and expenses in real-time. See detailed transaction history and download monthly reports.

24/7 card security

Advanced security options to lock and unlock your card. 

Real-time notifications when your card is used

Advanced security options to lock and unlock card

2 Factor Authentication for additional security

BitX Virtual Card

Receive instantly upon approval

Spend online anywhere where our card is accepted

Full security controls through the app

Get real-time notification when transaction has been made