About us

Financial innovation for the next century

BitX makes it easy for you to buy, deposit, withdraw, spend spend Bitcoin and any cryptocurrency.
BitX delivers a transparent platform to solve the problem of crypto-to-fiat conversion and provides the most secure wallet to make users feel confident.

Founded in 2020

JUN 2020
The company has been founded in 2020. The founder believes that the blockchain is a break through in financial technology. Their intention for the BitX payment platform is to make the users easily spend cryptocurrency in their daily lives.

Mobile App Launch

FEB 2021
Buy and store cryptocurrency in their digital wallets is planned to be launched in Feb 2021. the users can buy Bitcoin & cryptocurrency to store for their common uses in a highly secure wallet.

Debit Card Launch

JULY 2021
The users can spend their cryptocurrency by using BitX debit cards to convert cryptocurrency to cash anytime & anywhere in a seamless instant.

QR Code Launch

SEP 2021
The BitX team plans to launch the first mobile payment solution based on QR code scanning in Thailand.