The easiest way to spend your crypto

You can use the BitX app to store, deposit, and withdraw crypto. Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and PAY Token.


Get deposit from other wallets and keep it secure


Withdraw it to anyone in any other crypto currencies


Buy any crypto currencies directly and instantly


Pay with your crypto anytime, anywhere

BitX App

The simplest all-in-one crypto mobile wallet

Buy cryptocurrencies instantly

Store popular cryptocurrencies

Keep track of crypto markets

24/7 control your card

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BitX Debit Card

The safest way to start your crypto journey

Spend crypto instantly

No manual conversion needed

Withdraw local currency at ATMs

Anytime Anywhere

Accepted worldwide by 40M+ merchants

Card is accepted anywhere

Payment in local currency

Free additional virtual cards

Flexible re-payment options


Advanced app security